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Meet Femmesalud

Our Mission

Femmesalud is committed to promoting confidence through fashion. From an early age, I struggled with own self-worth, but as I grew to understand the impact self-talk has on our confidence, I worked to speak kindly to myself about myself and encourage others to do the same. Fashion is the vehicle that allows me to do so. Little compares to the transformation a woman undergoes when she puts on an outfit that she knows looks good on her body. While true beauty comes from the inside, the right outfit can act like a suit of armor that gives us the confidence to carry our heads high. 

Our Name

Big dreams are born from humble beginnings. Femmesalud is a testament to that. Apple, Disney, Harley Davidson, and my boutique all began in a garage. The name is a reference to my home address where I first worked around tool boxes and automobiles. I hope it serves as a reminder of what I have achieved in my business and inspires others.


About Ashley

I am a wife and a mom to two little girls and one loud, lazy dog and live in South Central Pennsylvania. For years, I dreamed of owning a boutique, but gave up on that dream thinking I couldn’t balance business and motherhood. But owning a mobile boutique and online store allows me to meet new people and share my love of fashion while giving me the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom to my daughters.